What To Do If A Gambling Service With A Deposit Is Blocked?

What To Do If A Gambling Service With A Deposit Is Blocked?

Recently, the intensity of blocking resources related to gambling 3win has increased globally. So, if in the first six months of 2019, 22 thousand Internet pages related to gambling were blocked, then in the second half of the year, access to 29 thousand resources was closed.

Mostly blocked services allowed betting on a variety of sports events, playing slots for real money, or trying their hand at virtual analogs of games such as roulette or blackjack.


Who is blocking gambling resources?


These resources monitors Internet pages with prohibited content and take measures to block them. There are strict restrictions on gambling, therefore, in most cases, resources related to gambling violate any law.


Top resources began its active activity in the field of gambling in 2015, after the adoption of the relevant laws. As a result, they blocked even such a titan of the gaming industry, the poker room Pokerstars. Because of this decision, many large operators suffered heavy financial losses. Initially, site owners began to use mirrors of their resources to bypass blocking. This method was effective only at first, until it learned how to quickly block them too. Mirror resources are almost useless today for those wishing to bypass blocking.


Reasons why gambling resources are blocked


Closing access to online casinos creates huge problems for its customers, because real money is stored on their deposits on these services. Naturally, there is a need to somehow get them out of there so that they are not wasted.


Any bets on sports events can only be made by licensed companies. Lotteries belong only to the state. If a company is engaged in prohibited activities or operates without a license, then its site will be quickly blocked.


Sometimes there is a situation when a resource has been working steadily for a long time, but unexpectedly Roskomnadzor blocks it. This can happen in two ways. Firstly, their site began to work a little differently and violate the requirements of the law. Secondly, Roskomnadzor could identify the actions of the site owners related to fraud, money laundering and other illegal activities.


If a decision is made to block it, Roskomnadzor informs Internet providers about it, which are obliged to restrict access to the resource that violated the law. In this case, the provider has no right to evade such actions.


How to bypass online casino blocking?


Although the mirrors are quickly found by Roskomnadzor and are also blocked, there are other ways to get to the desired resource. At the same time, the state still cannot effectively resist them.


First, you can use the so-called anonymizers. These sites allow you to hide your IP, or rather, use the IP of a country in which the resource is not blocked. The most famous anonymizers are NoBlock and Chameleon, but there are many other similar sites. In most cases, they are completely free to use.


Second, there are specialized applications that use technologies such as proxy servers. They have both versions for personal computers and options for mobile platforms. Zenmate and Hola apps are very popular. Here you can select the country from the IP address of which the online resource will be viewed.

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